Flushing and cleaning systems

With time, the piping of your heating system gets clogged up with different types of blockages from grime, dirt, oxidation, affecting the correct and efficient functioning of your central heating.

The flushing service is a fast and efficient way of cleaning the unwanted deposits inside the pipes and insure a fully functional heating system.

We are using specialized equipment and materials to flush out and cleaning the pipework, removing any debris, allowing your system to work at full capacity.

Here is some warning signs that would prompt you that your system needs a flush:

  • It takes longer than normal for the house to warm up
  • Dirty water leaking from any of the radiators or pipes
  • Strange noises coming from the boiler and piping
  • Inconsistent hot tap water temperature

The main advantages of Central heating Flushing are cleaner piping and radiators, faster house warming up time, efficient operation of your heating system and more.

While every central heating system is different, the general advice is that a heating system should be flushed every four or five years in order to keep it running at optimum parameters.

If you suspect you need to flush your central heating system, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Flushing and Cleaning Systems
Flushing and Cleaning Systems