Electric Showers

A lot of houses have issues with shower water pressure. This is mainly due to the shower system that often works by water being fed from the water storage tank in the attic. In such cases the pressure is not entirely adequate for an adequate showering experience.

One alternative solution is the installation of an electric shower which heats the water to your desired temperature and also pumps the water to an adequate pressure.
We are fully qualified Electric Shower Installers with years of experience and expertise in the field.
Before we undertake the installation we will call to your house and perform a site survey in order to assess the necessary materials but also the possibility of installing a new, dedicated electrical circuit that will supply your electric shower with the necessary power.

After the electrical circuit is being put in place, the electric shower will be connected through all the necessary pluming to your water main.

The installation will be done according to all standard safety regulations and will be fully inspected and guaranteed.

Electric SHower